Release Notes - August 15, 2016

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Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved:

  • For some clients, the recurring billing emails sent to members were generating email abuse notifications from some email providers.      ENC-24809
  • Adjustments: If an item was adjusted and then re-purchased, an Adjust button  incorrectly displayed on the original (already adjusted) item.    ENC-23401
  • Leading and following spaces in email addresses were causing email addresses to be considered invalid.  Leading and trailing white space characters will now be trimmed from textbox, textbox confirm (email mode), and email forwarding fields before validation and saving. This should improve the user experience as well as keep unnecessary (and potentially bad) white space out of user input from these fields.    ENC-13453
  • Changing the archive filter on one listing (e.g., Event or News) changed the setting for another listing on the same page.    ENC-7768
  • The system was failing to log an error when users completed a form with confirmation emails enabled, but the user failed to enter an email address.    ENC-25061
  • E-commerce forms produced an error when the user progressed to the confirmation step, and the user had any commerce item with a $0 value in their cart.    ENC-25000
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