Release Notes - May 23, 2016

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Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved

  • A warning about missing the "From email" for confirmations was mistakenly showing on the profile form. (This warning will only appear on forms that actually send confirmation emails or have the ability to do so. The profile is never "completed" so no confirmation is ever triggered.)    ENC-23887
  • Adding a Campaign Progress Indicator to a page produced an error.    ENC-23845
  • Some donations forms were producing an error when viewed on some mobile phones.    ENC-23843
  • On commerce forms, when users went back to change a commerce item, the total amount being billed was not updating to the correct amount.    ENC-23371
  • First Name and Last Name were not appearing in some reports.     ENC-24224
  • Running a saved reconciliation report from the grid produced an error.    ENC-24168
  • On some new events or new fields, fields were mistakenly being labeled as unexportable.    ENC-23946
  • Some records were not appearing in the Identity Checkpoint merge grid as they should.    ENC-23944
  • Facebook login was not working on sites with SSL domains.    ENC-23840
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