Release Notes - April 13, 2016

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Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Using the Update Value function to update Member ID was not allowing fields to be updated from null.    ENC-23432
  • The start date for recurring emails was producing an error when specific dates were selected.    ENC-23146
  • Email send times in Email History were not showing the same send time as Email Reporting.    ENC-23098
  • In emails, the DateBox token was displaying the date and time instead of just the date.    ENC-22810
  • In emails, when the value for the currency decimal token is null, the value was displaying as .000 instead of displaying a 0.    ENC-22809
  • Custom configuration of membership import field values was not working when using the import tool.    ENC-22139
  • For events, when choosing to "add to calendar", the event name that appeared in the calendar is the first activity of the event, not the event name itself.    ENC-21453
  • Content searches were not unique to sealed sub-communities.  Now, search results are tied to the GID the search was made in.     ENC-11107
  • Group emails were not sending for some sites.    ENC-23562
  • Confirmation emails should come from This change is intended to ensure better deliverability of confirmation emails to members and admins.  Members will still be able to reply and the reply message will be sent to the from email address the admin entered for the form.    ENC-23646  
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