Release Notes - January 4, 2016

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Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Some clients were reporting slow load times for their Membership forms.    ENC-22099
  • Hidden records were not showing in the directory to admins.    ENC-22404
  • Some custom searches were not returning results in the new directory.    ENC-22254
  • When a non-member record was created from a sent email (from either a custom list or a spreadsheet upload), the last_updated field was not being populated.    ENC-22437
  • Email Marketing:  Admin notification emails were not being sent.    ENC-22159
  • Email Marketing: Tokens for multiselect fields were displaying the database value instead of the display value.    ENC-22463
  • On events with pre-population enabled, the pre-populated information was not being carried through after the Registration button was clicked.    ENC-22097
  • Events - Canned Registration report was not showing the correct number of total attendees.    ENC-20034
  • Events - When an admin added a registration to a primary constituent record before doing the Identity Checkpoint merge, errors occurred in reporting.    ENC-21067
    • If both records matched by Identity Checkpoint have been registered for the same event, then the option to merge them via the grid will be disabled.  If a Super Admin expands that row in the grid, they will see an "Adjust in Event" button next to each.  Once a record has been adjusted off of the event, they can be merged.
  • Facebook: The Facebook publishing functionality (share on Facebook) was not displaying the user’s name.  This is a Facebook defect that appears to be something that Facebook will not fix, so the publishing functionality was changed to remove the user’s name and will now appear in the user's news feed as “Registered for [event name].    ENC-22547
  • Membership filter to only pull back memberships that expired within the past X days was not working properly.    ENC-22532
  • Message Boards - Admins were unable to delete posts in discussion categories.    ENC-17390
  • Using the Enter key when editing designation amounts cleared all field values.    ENC-17820
  • Profile - Datebox fields were incorrectly displaying a timestamp when set to be a label or used as a token.    ENC-19268
  • Roles created in one seaked sub-community could be selected in another sealed sub-community.    Now a role will only be visible in the sealed sub-community in which it was created.    ENC-20091
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