Release Notes - February 13, 2017

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Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved


  • The beta template editor image library is sub-community specific instead of always referencing the image library of the parent sub-community (GID 1). ENC-26828


  • Within the sitemap, administrators can no longer select "Page exists in all communities" for the [STARTPAGE] AND [HOMEPAGE] because doing so can break authentication for sub-communities. ENC-25405
  • Restored visibility to the pencil edit icon for legacy html content blocks when not in a roll over state. ENC-19917


  • When a constituent updates a previously invalidated email, that profile change is included in "updated record" exports. ENC-26299


  • Checkbox and drop down fields now show the display value instead of the database value. ENC-24977
  • Directory search results display populated values to un-authenticated visitors instead of token placeholders. ENC-26896


  • For clients using the PayPal Payflow Pro gateway, the Encompass customer transaction number field is now populated with the PPRef value from Paypal. ENC-26643
  • Withdrew a subset of ENC-25894 that caused white screens in intermittent error scenarios. ENC-26798.  ENC-25894 corrected recurring billing failures for some membership and giving form transactions.


  • When the authenticated user is not an administrator, a confirmation email is always sent. The fix resolves a unique use case where a registrant uses multiple browser sessions to complete an event form and the system failed to send a confirmation email. ENC-25557
  • Restored the ability to toggle to data entry mode for sites whose homepages don't support cookies ENC-26618.


  • Scheduled exports show the correct start and end dates regardless of a local computer specific timezone setting or the site's timezone setting. ENC-14194


  • Prior to this fix, failure to select a default gateway for a site prevented the creation of specific form types for which a default gateway had been selected ENC-26701. Administrators will not be able to add scheduled or perpetual payments functionality to Campaigns and Membership forms without a payment gateway enabled. Follow up work will be required to improve error handling in scenarios where transactions are submitted against a form with no payment gateway configured.


  • Corrected issue that prevented administrators using P2PE with Cybersource SOAP gateway from updating constituent credit cards ENC-26934


  • Improved query processing time by an average of fifty milliseconds per profile update action. ENC-26699
  • Improved speed for import processing by optimizing member field history creation. ENC-2674


  • Open graph images and descriptions populate from pages on any template type, not just "social" templates. ENC-9837