Release Notes - May 24, 2016

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Product Functionality

iModules currently has enhancements to the event export functions of event reporting in development. This development will provide two new event export options:

  • Registration Summary Export: An all new export that collects all registrant activity - edits, adjustments and additions - into a single summary row for each registrant and their guests.
  • Event Audit: A completely revamped new audit detail export of all the registrant activity that displays all of the edits, adjustments and additions behind each primary and guest registration.

Pre-Launch Event Registration Summary Export
A pre-launch version of the Event Registration Summary Export is being made available starting on May 24 to clients who choose to opt-in to have the new export enabled on their site in advance of the formal launch. The capabilities of the new reporting option are described on this page.

To have the new Registration Summary Export turned on in your site, complete the form below to have the new option enabled by iModules personnel:

Note:The Pre-Launch Event Regisgtration Summary Export can only be enabled on a site-wide basis so that is available in all sub-communities.

The current Event custom export system remains in place, with all saved and scheduled exports in that system being unaffected.

Event Registration Summary Export Product Description
This all-new Registration Summary option answers a major client need for an easy-to-use export summary snapshot of events' registration status at any point in time. Primary registrants and their guests are summarized in their own row that combines all edits, adjustments and additions to their registrations. This provides a much simpler, out of the box export that can be used to quickly calculate totals, counts and groups for event management needs.

Event Reporting - Event Home Page
The Pre-Launch Event Registration Summary Export is found in a separate area below the current "Custom Event Data Export" area on the home reporting page for each Event
•    As with the existing export system, saved and/or scheduled Event Registration Summary Exports are placed in the grid, and can be run from the grid.
•    Current saved and scheduled event exports are not affected, and new exports can continue to be created via the current system.
•    The layout and labeling of the new create export options are not yet finalized.


Clicking on the option Create Roll-up Export takes the user to a first step to build the export, where the selection for "On Demand", "Saved" or "Scheduled" is made.
•    The number of steps to build the Roll-up Export has been reduced in order to:
*Shorten the time and steps for admins to build an export
*Make the system easier to work with and to train new users on
*Reduce the time to market of the enhanced system
*Improve the ability for iModules to support and enhance the system

•    The former steps 1 and 2 for configuring the export options have been combined into a single step
•    The option to include additional fields in the export is not included.
**Best practice:
Clients are advised to add to the event any member profile fields that they want included in their roll-up reports. Utilize an admin-only category to hide these fields in the registrations.
The option to use Data Viewer to filter the export with a data query is not included.
The Preview step has been removed.

As with the current system, Step 1 contains the option for selecting "on demand" or one of the scheduled export options
•    Moved up from the former step 2 are the existing system options for selecting Event with all Activities, Main Event only, specific activities or specific categories. These options only appear if applicable for the selected event.
•    Each of these options conform to the Roll-up model, so that for each option there will still only be a single combined summary row for each registrant and their guests.
•    On demand exports can be saved for reuse.
•    Roll-up Exports do not include billing information, as multiple transactions are combined into the single summary row for each registrant.
•    The option to include voided transactions is not applicable, as by definition fully voided registrations are removed from the Roll-up.

Step 2 and Step 3 (file retrieval)

The second step has been simplified to only include the options for:
•    Filtering registrations with a specific date range
•    File retrieval remains the same
•    Saved on demand export is placed in the new Roll-up Export grid, and can be run subsequently from the grid.

Scheduled Registration Summary Export
Saved Registration Summary Exports have all of the configuration options described above for On Demand / On Demand Saved Exports, with the addition of the existing options for:
Step 1
•    Setting the date scheduling of the Roll-up, defaulted to start date of today
o    As noted below in the known issue list, currently the ending date is incorrectly set to 12:00 AM on the "to" - this should instead be 11:59:59 of that day. This will be corrected in an upcoming release prior to launch. Until then when using the date range, set the "to" date to be one day later then your intended date range.
•    File retrieval options for emailed link or placing in an SFTP folder remain the same
Step 2
•    Option to define roll-up export to only include registrations since the export was last run.
•    Finish page contains recap of the schedule export
•    The saved Roll-up export is placed in the new Roll-up grid, from which it can be subsequently run if needed.
Registration Summary Export Column Output
The column output is organized to present the columns in a logical manner and in a standardized pattern. Event form fields, activities and categories as well as the additional data fields they may contain are laid out in the order they appear in the registration from.
The default sort ordering of the Registration Summary Export is to group the primary registrant and the guests together, with all registrant / parties in chronological order with the oldest registrant group first.

Standard Columns Description


The lead columns are standard across all Roll-up exports.

All column values reflect the most recent state for each field for that particular row after prior registration, edits and adjustments.

·       iModules Member ID has been added

·       Date Added column has been removed

·       Is Registered column has been removed

·       Registration Count column has been added and will provide a count that can be easily summed.

o   In most cases this will be 1 or 0, the exception being events activities where multiple registration items can be purchased

o   All registration count values are the summation of all prior registration, edit, addition and adjustment activity

·       Order Total is net of all additions and adjustments

·       Client constituent ID (primary key)

·       member_id

·       First_name

·       Last_name

·       Date Submitted

·       Last Updated

·       Registered By

·       Registration Count

·       Order Total

·       Email_address

An example event with related activities (Activity-driven Event)

·       All event fields, activities and categories, and the fields they contain, appear in the same order in the Roll-up Export as they do in the registration form.

·       Registration Count column, if applicable, serves as lead marker for grouped Activity fields.

·       Paid Activity #1 - Registration Count

·       Paid Activity #1 - quantity

·       Paid Activity #1 - total

·       Paid Activity #1 - fee

·       Free Activity #1 - Registration Count

·       Paid Activity #2 - Registration Count

·       Paid Activity #2 - quantity

·       Paid Activity #2 - total

·       Paid Activity #2 - fee

·       Free Activity #2 - Registration Count

·       Paid Activity #3 - Registration Count

·       Paid Activity #3 - quantity

·       Paid Activity #3 - total

·       Paid Activity #3 - fee

·       Free Activity #3 - Registration Count

Submission ID is a new identifier that has been added for grouping and tracking primary registrants and their guest parties.

Submission ID

If a primary registrant is deleted or adjusted off from an event what happens to any guests they may have registered?

The primary registrant is not included in the Roll-up, but their Guests will still be included and the Registered by field will still display the primary registrant's name along with (deleted).

Does the new roll-up report work with legacy events?

The roll-up report is designed to work with the new event models.

If my event has donations on the registration form (ENC-23983), where can I get this information?
You will need to use the Custom Event Data Export and run category or field specific reports to retrieve this information.

If a registrant has been completely adjusted off of the event but commerce (apparel, etc) remains, how do I get these records (ENC-24003)?

You will need to use the Custom Event Data Export or respective canned reports to get the information on the registrant/guest.

Why does constituent ID populate on the primary registrant and their guest rows for a logged in event report?

This was originally thought to assist with grouping of registrations . After further research we have determined that you can use two columns to group your parties by (Columns: Registered By and Submission ID) and we will only populate constituent IDs for records that have them (logged in and/or merged records).

When the report is turned on will this be available site wide?

Yes, once the flag has been enabled you will have access to the roll-up report for any event built with the new event model.


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