Release Notes - May 9, 2016

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Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Admins with only Event admin access were not able to adjust commerce amounts on an event.    ENC-22995
  • Clients were experiencing issues with commerce amounts on activities on events with donations forms with guests.    ENC-23659
  • Replies to member to member emails were no longer going to the sender.    ENC-23517
  • Replies to member "Contact Support" emails were no longer going to the sender.    ENC-23463
  • The Admin Client Service Support and the member Contact us the confirmation emails were displaying HTML in the body of the email.    ENC-23613
  • Clients were experiencing intermittent errors when editing and creating membership reports.    ENC-23792
  • Campaign progress indicator numbers were displaying some inconsistencies with other reporting.    ENC-23666
  • Clients were attempting to import and merge a guest record into the Primary Registrant’s record when both were registered for the same event. The system would allow this merge to happen resulting in incorrect event reporting. The incorrect event report would show one record (instead of 2) where the Primary Registrant was both a Primary Registrant and a guest.      ENC-23763
    *It will no longer be possible to import and merge a Primary Registrant and a Guest Record into the same constituent record when both are registered for the same event.  If an Admin attempts to complete such a merge, they will receive the following error:  ‘’ The baseMemberId is already a registrant of an event where the mergeMemberId is a registrant or guest.”
    Overall Identity Checkpoint Enhancements (not specific to this ticket or the Event System):
    *New merges will not be allowed if a constituent has existing/incomplete merges. Existing/incomplete merges mean that the constituent is already flagged to be merged to another guest record and is in the Identity Check Point – Merge Data grid pending Admin review and approval, or that the Admin has recently merged the record to the same or another nonmember and the merge process has not completed.
    *When an Admin attempts to upload an import file and the constituent record or non-member record is associated with a pending/incomplete merge the following error will be returned:  “New merges into member accounts with pending merges are not allowed”.
    *Merges for the same constituent in the same file will also be disallowed. If attempted, this error will result: “The baseMemberId is already flagged to be merged into another record”.

    Best practices for admins
  • Ensure the import file does not contain multiple non-member records that are to be merged into one constituent account.
  • Check Identity Checkpoint – Merge Data grid to see if the constituent record is associated with pending merges and merge those first.
  • If the constituent record is not in the merge data grid, then wait for the merge process to complete before attempting another import and try again the next day.
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