Release Notes - March 14, 2016

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Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved:

  • The ##Category Name## token was not pulling in the email category name on email sends.    ENC-22288
  • Events - Adding an activity through the Add Activity button stripped out special characters from the is_attending and is_registered fields. Characters that are not in the official list of approved characters for the export header name are removed when viewing the preview of the export, and in the actual downloaded file. The list of approved characters are: a-z, A-Z, underscore, 0-9, hyphen, space,a nd period. ENC-21397
  • Using a Custom URL for the Finish button produced an error.    ENC-23125
  • Pre-populate links were not working for forms that were behind login.    ENC-22633
  • Events - Clients previously were able to update [FieldControls.FeeControl_ZeroDollarLabel] with a <br> if they wanted nothing to display for 0$ fees. Now clients will need to update the verbiage with &nbsp instead of <br> to blank it out.    ENC-23090
  • Identity Checkpoint was flagging fields included in the merge as being updated on the day of the merge even if no changes were made.    ENC-22681
  • After uploading a non-member merge file with a valid email address and the "is email valid" box checked, then completing the Identity Checkpoint merge, the "is email valid" box was unchecked.  Now, if an email that is valid is being merged, the flag will be set to true, and if an email that was marked as invalid is being merged, then  the flag will be set to invalid.    ENC-11541
  • For some clients, selecting "Enter" after entering the gift amount caused the designations to disappear.    ENC-22742
  • For non-commerce standard (non-profile) form reports, if you ran an on-demand report, the columns 'Date Submitted' and 'Last Updated' were blank as expected; however, the 'Date Added' column contained the value for the "Date Submitted". If you scheduled the same report to run, 'Date Added' was a different date (if it was populated) from the on-demand report and 'Date Submitted' and 'Last Updated' were populated with accurate values.  Date Submitted and Last Updated columns now work on non-commerce standard (non-profile) form reports when run on-demand or scheduled.  These date reflect the day the user completed the form (Date Submitted) as well as if the date the user comes back to update the same form (Last Updated).    ENC-23018
  • For some clients, &debug=1 was being added to the query string in admin tool links.    ENC-21471
  • Cybersource & Paypal - Clients received an error when an ampersand (&) was included in the billing information. Cybersource and Paypal no longer error out when a ampersand is used in any of the billing fields.    ENC-6703


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