Release Notes - February 29, 2016

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Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Pre-populated links were mistakenly working in preview emails and were allowing admin access to the event, form or campaign.  Now preview emails will display the pre-populated link, but will not allow admin access.   ENC-22880
  • If an email had failed and the admin tried to re-release it, it would still show the next send time based on the failure intervals. Moving it back to drafts and re-releasing it did not reset the send times.    ENC-22225
  • Sometimes when creating a custom list, the list did not save in the system.    ENC-20697
  • Pre-header text was showing up in some email readers and on some forwards.  (This was primarily occurring with Yahoo mail.)    ENC-20652
  • A hyperlink with the word style would break the content in emails.    ENC-16777
  • When a constituent used a promo code, the system was showing the correct amount for the transaction, but the email sent to the user was not.    ENC-22643
  • When creating an event from an event template, the new event had display text added to the event form with the name of the event template.  Now, when selecting "Use an existing event template" then cloning a previous event, View Content and the browser tab are using the current event title and not the event title it was cloned from.    ENC-20926
  • Including a commerce amount field in a custom event filter did not display people in reporting if no purchase was made using the commerce amount field.    ENC-20796
  • Users who filled out a particular form were marked as incomplete.    ENC-19529
  • The Temporary Login configuration was not being inherited by some sub-communities.    ENC-22741
  • Some clients were receiving an error when attempting to export records with Identity Checkpoint.    ENC-22864
  • Selecting "Enter" after making a donation made the designations disappear for some clients.    ENC-22742
  • The Progress Indicator was not subtracting adjustments from the amount raised.    ENC-22319
  • Web Services - When trying to query on birth_date, web services didn't seem to decrypt the field and no values were ever returned for the field.    ENC-21254
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