Release Notes - March 13, 2017

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Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved


  • ENC-27105 removes the modify query icon from the reporting workflow for administrators who do not have adequate permissions to change queries.  Previously, clicking modify query led some administrators to an error screen.


  • ENC-27216 fixes broken URLs in situations where an admin built hyperlinking on a form via a rich text block.  fixes the issue.


  • ENC-22326 restored functionality to "view content" links in email reporting.


  • ENC-27111 resolved white screen error found when a user attempts to edit a guest's registration from a confirmation email hyperlink.


  • ENC-27161 fixes an issue where non-member records and/or deleted records were showing up in first time login searches.

Point to Point Encryption (P2PE)


  • ENC-2191 prevents administrators from being directed to an outdated reporting UI when modifying or creating a reconciliation report.
  • ENC-27112
  • With ENC-14905, clients should expect to see the row in reporting that match the date range during which a user elected to start the form.

Note: 'Date Added" can be problematic to export results on as it tends to record the date where the record is first added to the table. For reconciliation reports, we recommend choosing range based on transaction date.

NOTE: Two follow-up tickets cover two scenarios that remain problematic in spite of the defect resolution:
*A way for admins to target authenticated users who did not complete the form (Events, Membership and Giving) ENC-27023
*Including form completed dates to accurately export and derive metrics off of the export. (Membership and Giving) ENC-27024