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If the event you are working with originated in Encompass and already has Activities, they will display in the Activities area of the App Manager.


In order to work with Activities, you will need to click on one of the Activities options.

Add New - useful if you have an Activity that doesn't require registration in Encompass and/or only needs to show in the app.

1. From the dropdown list, select the Event that needs an Activity.

2. Click the Add New button.

3. Enter a Name.

4. Enter the Description.

5. Select a Location from the dropdown list (assuming you have built Activity Locations in the App Manager).

6. Set a Start Date and Time.

7. Set an End Date and Time.

8. Click the Save button.


1. For the Activity you want to edit, click the gear icon.

**NOTE - If the Activity is being pulled in from Encompass, any changes you make would be over-written if you use the refresh icon on the Events page in the App Manager.

2. Make the necessary changes.

**NOTE - If there is a Guest Speaker, they can be selected using the Add Guest Speaker button. In order for someone to show up in the list, they will need to be marked as a Guest Speaker on the Attendees page.

3. Click the Save button.


1. For the Activity you want to delete, click the red icon.

**NOTE - For private configurations, the Activities won't have a delete icon.

2. A confirmation window will appear. If you want to delete, click the Delete button.

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