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The Events landing page includes a list of all the mobile-enabled events associated with your organization and includes: Name, Description, Encompass Event (only applies to private app configurations and will display the Encompass Event Name), and edit/delete options.


The orange icon by the Name allows you to refresh the connection between the mobile app and the Encompass event (if the two are linked). Upon refresh, any change made within the Encompass event will be reflected in the mobile app; however, any changes you've made in the App Manager will be overwritten. The refresh button will not update the Encompass event with any changes you've made within the App Manager.

In order to create Events, you will need to click on one of the Events options.

Import Event

1. Click the Import Event button.

2. From the dropdown list, select the Encompass Event you want to import.

3. Click the Import button. The event will then appear in the grid on the Events landing page (see image above).

Add New

1. Determine where you want the event to be published. The options are to publish to the Check-In App and the Event App. Checking the box will push the event to that app.


2. Enter a Name.

3. Enter a Description.
NOTE: The character limit is 2048.

4. From the dropdown list, you can select the Encompass Event.

NOTE: Selecting an Event within this dropdown will prevent you from being able to add or modify Event information with the Event App Manager or the mobile app. This option should only be used if all relevant Event information is built out within Encompass.

5. Enter the Start Date and End Date if available.

6. Set the Timezone.

7. Enter an Event Hashtag if desired. Entering a hashtag will activate a new tile in the app. It will show a Twitter timeline based on the hashtag.

8. Check the Enable Attendee Email checkbox if you want to show attendee email addresses when people look at the Attendee List in the app. NOTE - this option may not display when first creating the event if you select an event with instruction #3. If you edit the event, you will then see it.

9. Check the Attractions tile checkbox if you want to have an Attractions tile available in the app.

10. Check the FAQ tile checkbox if you want to have an FAQ tile available in the app.

11. Check the Sponsors tile checkbox if you want to have a Sponsors tile available in the app.

12. Check the Venue Maps tile checkbox if you want to have a Venue Maps tile available in the app.

13. Click the Save button.


1. For the event you want to edit, click the gear icon.

2. You will see options similar to those discussed in the "Add New" section above. Make the necessary changes.

3. Click the Save button.


1. For the event you want to delete, click the red icon.

2. A confirmation window will appear. If you want to delete, click the Delete button.

NOTE: At this time, you are unable to delete Events. You can submit a ticket to Customer Support and we can remove the Event for you. If you are working with the Check-In App,you can set the Event so it doesn't display there.



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