Roles / App Admins

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In order to work in the Event App Manager, admins will need to be set up. In order to assign App Admins, you will need to know the user's iModules Member ID (this is different from the ID# you assign to your constituents). This ID is usually found on the Admin Only step of the profile form under the heading of iModules Member Info.


In order to work in the Event App Manager, Encompass login credentials will need to exist.

To access the Roles area, you will need to select one of the homepage tiles/buttons so a menu will appear on the left. Roles will be the final option in the menu.


Add a new admin

1. Click the Add New button.

2. Enter the Encompass Member ID (also referred to as the iModules Member ID).

3. Select a role for the admin. There are two options: 1. Events Admin grants access to the full Event App Manager as well as the check-in app (if purchased), 2. Attendance Admin will allow the person to use the check-in app (if purchased) as well as the Attendance and Push Message areas of the Event App Manager.

4. Click the Save button.

Once admins are added, they can be edited or deleted.



1. For the admin you want to edit, click the gear icon.

2. Make the necessary changes.

3. Click the Save button.


1. For the admin you want to delete, click the red icon.

2. A confirmation window will appear. If you want to delete, click the Delete button.

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