Activity Locations / Attractions

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The Activity Locations can used for the Activities within an Event. If an Event is set up to use the Attractions tile in the Event App, they will be entered in this area.

In order to create the locations, you will need to click on one of the Activity Locations options.


1. From the dropdown list, select the Event that needs a location.

2. Click the Add New button.

3. Enter the Name.

4. Enter the Description.
NOTE: The character limit for 2048.

5. From the dropdown list, select a Category. This selection is used to categorize attractions in the app menu.

6. If the location being created needs to be available as an Activity Location, select the Yes radio button. If you are creating a location that will be an Attraction, select the No radio button.

7. If the location being created will be Activity Location but you don't want it to display on the Attractions tile of the app, click the Exclude from Mobile Attractions checkbox.

8. If the location being created is the Primary Location for the event, check the Primary location checkbox. When a location is marked as the Primary Location, it will be centered on the Attractions map in the app and designated with a red pin.

9. Enter the Address. This should be the physical address used to pinpoint the location on the app.

**NOTE - zoom in to make sure the map shows the pin dot in the appropriate location.

10. Click the Save button.



1. For the location you want to edit, click the gear icon.

2. Make the necessary changes.

3. Click the Save button.


1. For the location you want to delete, click the red icon.

2. A confirmation window will appear. If you want to delete, click the Delete button.

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