Event App Homepage

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In order to work with the Event App Manager, you will need to log in at one of the following sites:

https://eventsadminprodus.cfapps.io/#/ (US clients)

https://eventsadminprodca.cfapps.io/#/ (Canadian clients)

You will need to enter the following information: Organization (provided by your Project Manager) and your Encompass login credentials.


Once you do that, you will be moved to the Event App Manager homepage.


The dropdown list will display the events the App Manager has available to it. You can pick a different event to have the values change on the homepage tiles/buttons.

Events - You can create or import Events.

Activity Locations - You will create locations that will be used when working with Activities. Items added to this area will also be available on the Attractions tile in the Event App.

Activities - You will be able to work with Activities brought over from Encompass or create new Activities.

Attendees - You can work with existing Attendees, add new Attendees, Import Attendees, and Export Attendees.

Push Messaging - You will create your push messages in this area as well as view sent messages.

Venue Maps - You can create venue maps that will be utilized in the Event App.

FAQ - You can create a list of FAQs that will be utilized in the Event App.

Sponsors - If you've got sponsors for your event, you will enter their information here to populate the Sponsors area of the Event App.

Roles (App Admins) - You will see this option in the left menu when working with a homepage tile/button. This area will be used to assign admins to the Event App Manager. The admin options are Events Admin or Attendance Admin.






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