Dynamic Content Style Manager

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The Dynamic Content Style Manager makes it easy to create a consistent look and feel for the content that is being pulled from outside email marketing. A unique styling tool is needed because emails can't use the same style sheet that controls how the content looks on its source website.

NOTE - only Super Admins will have access by default. Anyone else who needs access must be placed into the Email Template and Style Manager administrative right.


  • All sites start out with a blank state, with no default styles created.
  • Styles can be added, edited and duplicated.
  • Every style added must be assigned to a layout.
  • Styles with the same layout cannot have the same name.
  • The red Undo Changes button resets the style to the most recently saved version.
  • If you want to apply a border, be sure to set a pixel width and a color.  By default the borders are set to 0 px.
  • Button style settings sprinkled throughout the style manager interface allow you to control:
    • border color
    • border width
    • background color
    • text font
    • text color
    • text size
    • padding will make the button small, medium or large
    • Increasing corner radius will round a buttons corners.


How do styles and layouts fit together?

  • If a style setting is not used by a layout, the setting will not change how the dynamic content item looksMapping3.jpg


Layouts and the Dynamic Content Types They Work With

Email Marketing: Dynamic Content Layouts


Looking for some Dynamic Content Styles to use as a starting point for your website?  Visit our Style Guide page for step-by-step instructions!