Dynamic Content

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Dynamic Content brings text and images from outside email marketing into a message so that you don't have to copy, paste or re-enter the information into the editor. At the time of message or template creation, a placeholder is added within the editor. At the time of send, the freshest content and style is fetched and included in the deployment.

A drag and drop module Code button will give administrators access to several types of dynamic content:

  1. Events Feed
  2. Events: Select Specific Content
  3. News Feed
  4. News: Select Specific Content
  5. RSS Feed

*NOTE - All email recipients will receive the same articles and events based on the specific items selected or feed settings designated. If you select items to show in a message, everyone will see them, regardless of the role assigned to each item in Encompass.

Adding Dynamic Content Widget

  • To add dynamic content to your email, drag and drop the code element widget (shown above) into the editing window. 
  • Double click the object titled code element to open the dynamic content control modal window.
  • You may add as many dynamic content sections as you wish.

Select Source, Layout and Style

  • First, select the source from the dropdown list.
  • Next, select one of the available layouts from the options provided.
  • Last, select a style to apply to a layout.  If no style options are present for the layout you have chosen, you will need to add one using the Dynamic Content Style Manager.
  • Later steps will be based on the content source you have selected.

News or Events: Select Specific Content

  • The Dynamic Content workflow makes it easy to search for items by name or type.
  • The green circle counter keeps track of how many content items have been selected. The cap is 25.
  • The grid includes display, publication and archive dates so you avoid selecting content that will be hidden at the time your email sends.

Events Feed or News Feed

  • The Dynamic Content workflow makes it easy to search for items by name or type.
  • The maximum number of Events or News to dynamically pull in is 25.
  • If there are no Events or News active at the time the Events Feed or News Feed is set up, "filler" items will populate so you can see what the content will look like. When the email is sent, the "filler" items will be removed if no active content is being pulled in.

Select RSS Feed

  • The application confirms the feed URL you've entered is valid before allowing you to place the content in the email.
  • Control the length of the segment by entering a value for display limit. The default is 3.