Release Notes - October 30 and 31, 2017

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Please note that product releases are scheduled as followed by environment: 
Canadian = Monday evening | Australian = Tuesday morning | U.S. = Tuesday evening

Beta Email Template Editor: Style Manager will be Monday evening for all environments. Dynamic Content will be Tuesday for all environments.

Table of Contents

Product Functionality

Issue Resolutions

Product Functionality

Event Reconciliation with Adjustments *BETA-testing (1 - 2 Months)

The completely new report includes all adjustments (full and partial) and offline transactions (aka admin skipped billing) which were previously not available in reconciliation reporting. Administrators access the new workflow through a new grid located below the current event reconciliation report.  

Where can I access additional information about this product and/or submit feedback?
An additional page listing known issues and product functionality can be found here on our FAQ.  If you would like to provide feedback on this product you may access the form here.

Where can I access this new export?

Select "Reporting" in the Events menu and scroll to the bottom of the page below the original Event Reconciliation Report grid.  There is a completely new grid for Event Reconciliation with Adjustments.


How will this export work?

A new Event reconciliation report will be present below the current Event Reconciliation Report grid that will display a new table and option for the setup wizard. The wizard will allow for additional configurations including: date filtering by date or community, scheduling, notification emails and SFTP file retrieval if this option is enabled on your site.

Will this export allow custom fields to be added?

Additional Export Field list option will allow admins to add both Profile and Re-usable Instance fields to their export.  Once the configuration of fields has been selected, this will establish a standard for all Event Reconciliation with Adjustments to include these fields.  This can be a unique configuration per GID, not per export within the same GID.


Will Adjustments and Offline Transactions display in this export?

This export will pull in registration transactions across all events for the date range defined.  It will include offline transactions (aka Admin Skipped Billing) and all adjustments (full or partial) for event registrations will be included in a new row and include their parent transaction's ID.  

Sample Report:



Will fields marked as "Allow export of this field: = false" be exportable in this export?

Fields marked at GID=1 to not allow exporting will not be accessible in this recon regardless of admin type.


Membership Forms Use New Form Renderer

Membership form type now has the separate “Form Building” and “Data Entry” modes in the Encompass UI.

On-Demand Request to Update Credit Card

This feature provides an on demand ability to send a user an email requesting they update their credit card information.  Currently the user credit card system will only allow members to receive a notification to update their cards a few days in advance, however if the member wants to update in advance of receiving the notification - the admin is forced to take the update over the phone which often times does not keep organizations PCI compliant.


What admins have access to Send Request to Update Payment Information link?

  • Recurring Payment Admin 
  • Super Admin

Where will this link be available?

You will access the Gold Key --> Recurring Payments and find the link as gear option on 'Active' Scheduled and Perpetual Payments and, if applicable, Membership Auto Renewals. 


  • Credit card status does not impact availability of this link.
  • Link will not be available on the 'Inactive' grid.

Where can I configure the message for the email notification?

On both Giving and Membership forms you will access  Manage Form --> Recurring Billing Emails.  There will be an option for On Demand Credit Card Request. 

There you will be able to configure From Name, From Email, additional Admins who should receive a copy of this email, Subject, and Email Body.  The email body has global/default message that can be overridden on a per form basis. 

Will I be notified if my the email was successful or not?

Yes, we will visually report success/failure of the on-demand send attempt to the admin.

What are the supported tokens for the email body? 

  • [Credit Card Information]
  • [Payment Information]
  • ##Form Name##
  • ##Billing Full Name##
  •  [EditBillingUrl]
  • ##CC Type##
  • ##Last 4 Digits##
  • ##Payment Amount##
  • ##Amount Remaining##
  • ##PaymentTypeDescription##
  • ##Payment Schedule##
  • ##Next Payment Date##
  • ##First Payment Date##
  •  [RemindDaysBefore]
  • ##Amount To Date##


  • [Credit Card Information]
  • [Payment Information]
  • ##Form Name##
  • ##Membership Level Name##
  • ##Billing Full Name##
  • [EditBillingUrl]
  • ##CC Type##
  • ##Last 4 Digits##
  • ##Base Price##
  • ##Membership Term##
  • ##Next Payment Date##
  • ##First Payment Date##
  • ##Amount To Date##
  • ##PaymentTypeDescription##


Will the 'Last Emailed Date' update if an email notification is sent on-demand?

The Last Emailed Date will record the last touch point with that member, regardless if the email was sent by the system or on-demand.

If the same member record has both a row in the Auto Renewal grid and Scheduled Payments grid, can the credit card be updated once to accurately reflect in both?

No, the credit card would need to be updated for each of the form submissions.  In the example above, the admin would need to send a notification for both, and the member would need to update their card twice.


Beta Email Template Editor - Dynamic Content and Dynamic Content Style Manager

It is now possible to add three types of dynamic content to beta templates: news (select specific items), events (select specific items) and RSS. These dynamic content areas are formatted by saving styles in the Dynamic Content Style Manager which must be created before adding the content to a template. Learn how to Add Dynamic Content.

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Issue Resolution

ENC-29755 (GIVING): There is known issue with our Campaign Admin right that is unfortunately preventing access to the new giving transaction export. Once addressed the following admins will have access to this export:

  • Super Admin
  • Campaign Admin
  • Campaign Reporting Admin

ENC-29241 (MEMBERSHIP): The last emailed date on the membership auto-renewal grid will now be appropriately updated when a user gets an email about an expiring credit card.

ENC-23981 (Profile): Member email addresses that contain more than 10 characters in the TLD (Top Level Domain) were not supported.  Now email addresses can contain up to 15 characters in the TLD.

ENC-27758 (Giving): Designations that were selected in the designations pop-up were not displaying a check mark when selected.

ENC-29580 (Forms): Forms with a query string hyperlink in a rich text field were actually using the full admin URL, preventing non-admin users from accessing the hyperlink.

ENC-29591 (Forms): Form fields were allowed to change to Volunteer Management Agent type, which was causing an error during form submission. 

ENC-29645 (Directory): Directories were displaying a generic error if the Advanced Search fields had not been configured.  Now an informative error is displayed instructing the user to configure the Advanced Search field before a directory module can be added to a page.  

ENC-29704 (Forms):  When the user selected the Cancel button in the ICP popup the "Please Wait..." message was displaying on the form in place of the Cancel, Next and Submit buttons preventing the user from proceeding in the form.  

ENC-23981 (Email Marketing): The email system now acknowledges addresses with extra long suffixes as valid.  For example: bob.longlastname@123.extralongsuffix