Release Notes - October 16, 2017

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Product Functionality

Full-Site SSL

iModules is pleased to announce that with the October 16th release, we will be able to provide your institution with the option to update your entire iModules-hosted website to full-site SSL. Each URL that is not a redirect needs a secure certificate, which iModules will procure on your behalf. One security certificate is provided at no additional charge. If you need additional secure certificates, there will be a charge.

Why is this enhancement important?

Beyond providing a secure end-to-end client experience, this enhancement will address future changes that are expected with predominant browsers in the market. With the October release of Chrome 62, Google will roll out phase II of their project to move to a more secure web. Users of Chrome 62 and later will receive the following Not Secure indicator in the URL when an input field is selected and the page is hosted over HTTP rather than HTTPS:


What do you need to do?

The primary contact designated for your institution will receive an email communication the week of the 16th with specific instructions each organization will need to take in order to opt-in and start the process to convert to full-site SSL. Coinciding with the code release on the 16th will be a new section of the Releases and Maintenance area of the Support Center. This new Full-Site SSL section will contain links to information related to pricing, implementation instructions, and FAQs.