Giving Transaction Export FAQ

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Potential Issues - updated 12/7/17

Duplicate Column Headers - Some clients will experience issues with running the export successfully if the file contains duplicate column headers. The comment reads: "There was an error processing your request. Please try again."

Areas where this can occur are found in:

  • Commerce Identifiers and Designation Identifiers having the same header (i.e. Fund Number)
  • 2+ Designation Identifiers have the same header. (i.e. FNUM=Fund Number and Fund=Fund Number)

Please note that in order to remedy this situation, all of the duplicate instances will need to be renamed or removed.  Admins will be able to rename or remove the duplicate designation ID; however, if commerce identifier needs to be addressed it will have to be renamed (something as little as adding in an underscore i.e. Fund_Name) or removed by iModules staff.



Giving Transaction Export

How will this export work?

A new reconciliation exporting option will be present below the current reconciliation tab that will launch a new table and option for the setup wizard. The wizard will allow for additional configurations including: date filtering, scheduling, notification emails and SFTP file retrieval if this option is enabled on your site.

What admins have access to this export?

The following admins will have access to this export:

  • Super Admin
  • Campaign Admin
  • Campaign Reporting Admin

Will this export allow custom fields to be added?

Additional Export Field list option will allow admins to add both Profile and Re-usable Instance fields to their export.  Once the configuration of fields has been selected, this will establish a standard for all giving transaction exports to include these fields.  This can be a unique configuration per GID, not per export within the same GID.


Will Adjustments and Offline Transactions display in this export?

This export will pull in giving transactions across multiple campaigns for the date range defined.  By design it will not include offline transactions for reconciliation purposes and because adjustments for giving are extremely rare and commonly keyed into a client's offline database when they occur, adjustments will not display in the file.

If an administrator uses the "skip billing" option, these transactions won't appear in the Giving Transaction Export.

Will fields marked as "Allow export of this field: = false" be exportable in this export?

Fields marked at GID=1 to not allow exporting will not be accessible in this recon regardless of admin type.

Why does the donation amount repeat on the designation rows for that transaction?

The donation amount repeats on each respective row to provide the total amount available for selected designations.  If a client would like to sort on this field for a specific transaction ID, they will know the amount drafted today 'Order Total', amount available for allocation for all designations 'Donation Amount', and amount allocated to each designation 'Designation Allocation'.


If recurring transaction, you would expect to see amount drafted today 'Order Total', total gift amount that is available for allocation for all designations 'Donation Amount', and current collected amount allocated to each designation 'Designation Allocation':


What column layout can we expect for this export?

  • Commerce Identifiers (unique per client)
  • Community Name
  • Community ID
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign ID
  • Constituent ID
  • Member ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Reuseable and additional Profile Fields (Defined by client - unique per GID)
  • Order Total
  • Transaction ID
  • Purchase Date
  • Merchant Account Name
  • Authorization Code
  • Customer Trans Number
  • Retrieval Code
  • Appeal Code
  • Donation Amount
  • Designation Name
  • Designation ID
  • Designation Allocation
  • Designation Percent
  • Designation Instructions aka Filled In Value
  • Billing Name
  • Credit Card Type
  • Billing Email
  • Billing Phone
  • Billing Street 1
  • Billing Street 2
  • Billing City
  • Billing State
  • Billing Zip
  • Billing Country
  • Scheduled Payments Active
  • Payment Frequency
  • Total Scheduled Amount
  • Next Payment Amount
  • Next Payment Date
  • Payments Remaining
  • Payment Type
  • Amount to Date
  • First Payment Date
  • Original Trans ID
  • Event Name
  • Event ID
  • Designation Identifiers (unique per client)

What are supported special characters for Designation and Commerce Identifiers names/column headers?

  • forward slash
  • back slash
  • underscore
  • pound
  • hyphen
  • space
  • period
  • alphanumeric
  • apostrophe
  • ampersand
  • open/close parenthesis
  • comma, colon, semi colon
  • question mark

Any characters used for naming purposes outside of this list runs the potential risk of creating errors in SQL to successfully export data.