Release Notes - July 31, 2017

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Product Functionality


Viewing campaigns that are tied to events now displays a new prompt, as shown below.


Clicking the "Show More" link will display the full list of links to each event that utilizes the selected campaign, as shown below.  Selecting a link in the list will navigate to the event's form.


iFraming Encompass Content

As part of our continued commitment to security, and an important part of our PCI compliance, effective with the July 31 Product release, we will no longer be able to allow iFraming of Encompass-served pages to external sites.

iFrames are a convenient tool to show external content within a frame on a webpage; however, this functionality allows for malicious behavior. As a result, we will no longer allow iFraming of Encompass-served pages. You can read more on our "From the Desk of the CTO."

If you have questions as to whether this affects your or not, please contact Application Support.


Issue Resolution

Web Services

ENC-28962 - Resolved an issue where a member with multiple event registrations was causing errors in GetMembersChanged web service.


ENC-28923 - Resolved an issue causing edits to College information to not be saved in Profile Forms.

ENC-28721 - Resolved an issue where profile forms were not honoring the SSL setting.

ENC-28256 - Resolved an issue causing member counts to not be displayed in the sub-communities grid.


ENC-28792 - Resolved an issue where clicking Save on Review/Finish pages of Donation forms wasn't exiting the form.

Confirmation Emails

ENC-28739 - Resolved an issue causing documents in confirmation emails to be unavailable for download.

ENC-26463 - Resolved an issue causing admin confirmation emails tied to recurring payments to be sent even if the admin had deactivated the email.


ENC-28700 - Resolved an issue where Event Reporting Admins could not access Event Reconciliation Reports

ENC-28010 - Resolved an issue where the remove guest icon wasn't being displayed to non-admin users.

ENC-26168 - Resolved an issue where the continue button on pre-populate forms was not immediately responding to the admin's click.

ENC-20854 - Resolved an issue where roles weren't being applied to the next step in an event registration.  


ENC-27793 - Resolved an issue causing code to be displayed above schedule content blocks.


ENC-29022 - Fixed scenarios where the user site map module listed pages or groupings of parent/child pages twice.


ENC-28681 - Verified that class names are not duplicating when logged in or on various membership campaign configs.

Class Notes

ENC-28591 - Resolved the issue with the back button periodically not working on class notes pages.