Release Notes - July 17, 2017

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Product Functionality

Advanced HTML Email Editor Workflow

The Advanced HTML workflow in email marketing was designed for clients who have the expertise necessary to generate html for email and do not want that code modified or altered in any way before send. The new workflow is superior to the Telerik Editor  that re-writes and re-formats html in ways that are not email client friendly. The enhancement eliminates the Telerik email editor and the wrapping of provided html in a table. A unique text only version is also defined as a part of the workflow.

  1. Are tokens supported?
  2. Is role based content supported?
  3. Is community or dynamic content supported?
  4. How does an editor include an unsubscribe link?
    Use the case-sensitive token of ##Unsubscribe## or #UnsubscribeURL##. The Unsubscribe token is replaced with the word "Unsubscribe" hyperlinked with a url that facilitates opt-out for the email's selected category. DO NOT place the Unsubscribe token within an a href tag. The Unsubscribe URL token is replaced with the url that facilitates opt out for the email's selected category. Unsubscribe URL is the recommended token for the text-only version.
  5. How do I include a trouble viewing link?
    By using the case-sensitive value of ##TroubleViewingLink## within a hyperlink tag (for html) and the stand alone token for text. The trouble viewing link is unnecessary within the text-only version.
  6. Is recurring email sending supported? 
    No, only send immediately and scheduled one-time options are available.
  7. Are clicks and opens tracked on the plain text / text only version?
    Opens cannot be tracked independently of clicks in the text only version. Clicks are only tracked if you write out the complete url starting with http or https. Do not punctuate your url unless you want that character included in the hyperlink
  8. How does an administrator get access to the new workflow?
    A user must be assigned to the "Advanced HTML Email Author" right to gain access to the workflow. In order to release an email, the advanced author must also be either a super admin or communication admin. Administrators without the advanced right will not have access to the build content step of emails created in the new work flow.
  9. Why isn't my customized plain text version being displayed?
    Text version handling differs by email client. Some versions of outlook create their own text version from the html. Thunderbird is an app that displays a clean toggle between html and text versions.
  10. My email does not look like I wanted, can an iModules staff member help fix it?
    Advanced HTML sending interface is intended for use by individuals with extensive experience coding emails from scratch or by those who are copying code produced by an external application. The editor will deploy the code exactly as it is entered and replace unsubscribe and trouble viewing link tokens. As a result, Application Support and iModules design staff will not troubleshoot or recommend changes to improve emails deployed using the Advanced HTML workflow.

Opens by Device in Beta Email Reporting

Opens by device helps administrators who want to understand device share for their audience and adjust email marketing techniques accordingly. Up and to this point, user agent string information was only available through the Email Metric API


  1. Where can I find Opens by Device?
    Look for a new graph in the bottom right "Activity" quadrant of the email detail view.
  2. What will the graph show?
    The graph shows the top four (4) device types. Device types include Mobile Phone, Mobile Device, Tablet, Desktop, Other
  3. What devices cannot be identified and why?
    Google mail app does not pass a user agent string so it can't be classified.

DonorForce Code Removal

Please Note: Institutions identified as potentially being affected by this item have been notified.

During the July 17 Product Release, iModules will be deleting unnecessary code from the Encompass system tied to a product we no longer offer or support (DonorForce). When DonorForce was initially enabled on a client's site, it automatically added a column into all commerce reports; this column will now be removed. Clients who have been identified as having DonorForce enabled in the past and also have automation configured for commerce reports could potentially experience an error after the July 17 Product Release. We recommend that clients update any necessary processes before the July 17 Product Release.