Release Notes - June 19, 2017

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 Product Functionality

Issue Resolutions


Product Functionality


Donations:  Required Field Based off Designation Choice

This new tech creates a dynamic workflow where clients can now require additional information based on a specific designation selection versus a static field where they hope to encourage donors fill out when they select that same designation.

How do I set this up on a designation? 

A new checkbox that allows "Include a required text box for this designation" can be found in the 'Designations - Add / Edit Designation' config window.  Once enabled on the designation, client can configure a label for the field to display on the form when a donor selects an applicable fund to support.   The additional field will always be required once enabled and there is not a way to remove the required element.  Can be set up on multiple designations - not just "other".


Which Designation configurations are supported?

You must use Advanced Display Mode and have the popup window enabled. If you are only using radio buttons, it won't work.

What is the character limit set at for this field?

The limit of this field is set to 100 characters.  This is on both what the constituent can enter as a value and what the admin can enter for the prompt.

Will this be supported when passing various giving parameters in the URL (&dids, &amount, &bledit, &pdids)?

Designation will still be supported within current giving parameter behavior.  As an example, if I reference the dids ID in the url, the designation will uniquely display as long as it lives in the module window as seen below.  The additional field will now display as well.  


Will this field be available for exports?

Yes, the new column should be available via exporting/reporting in:

  • Designations Export (Campaign) - Could possibly introduce a breaking change if a client has designation identifiers and an automated process established to sync data to their back-end db.
  • Designations Export (Reconciliation) - Could possibly introduce a breaking change if a client has designation identifiers and an automated process established to sync data to their back-end db.
  • Web Services - should not be a breaking change as clients have to turn this on for each applicable designation and consider the change once implemented.

Will this field be available via data viewer?

No, this will behave like designations where you will not be able to individually target this field type in DV.

Can iModules import into this field when inserting mass numbers of designations for clients?

Yes, data can import designations via a script that inserts designations and designation id values into a temp table, then moves those values to the appropriate tables. The new check box (True/False) as well as Label field should be importable via this same process.

Is the column header for this field configurable per site?

Yes, currently the default is "Filled In Value" which can be changed per site.  This change can be made when you add a verbiage entry for [ExportV2ASCX_Des_DesignationInstructions].  This will override the default value in their site catalog. 




Login Enhancements

Changed encryption of passwords to BCRYPT to improve security of passwords.


Default Profile View Limit Enabled

As of 6/19/2017, iModules has implemented a limit to the number of directory searches a member can perform to 150 per single member record in a 24 hour period.  This value can be changed within your site, at any time by accessing the Community -> Profile View Limit admin menu. This setting is configurable on a community by community basis as well. If your site has previously set a Profile View Limit, that limit has not been changed.

*Please note that at this time, the statistics around this feature are limited to what is available in the Member Site Statistics feature in your site. 


Donations and Profile Using New Form Renderer 

Donations and Profile forms now have the separate “Form Building” and “Data Entry” modes in the Encompass UI.  

  1. To make changes to the configuration of the form, the admin selects Form Building mode. 
  2. The form cannot be submitted in Form Building Mode which ensures the submission grid is "clean" when the form is ready to launch. 
  3. For entering data on behalf of a constituent, admins should use the Data Entry Mode.  


Campaign Data Entry Admin

What is a Campaigns Data Entry Admin?

New admin role created for purpose of operating within Campaigns system but only interacting with data entry tasks.  Admin is able to interact with campaign module functionality but will not have overall campaign admin access.

Where do I assign the administrative option for this?

You will access the Gold Key --> Administrators and assign the right same as you would for any Community admins.  You will have to same community options you may assign as well.


What is the purpose of the Campaigns Data Entry Admin?

To provide a level of admin access that only allows for gifts to be processed without allowing access to greater Campaign admin/super admin functionality.


What menu options are available in the nav for this administrative right?

The admin will be able to view and access widgets on the dashboard. Content will be available so the admin can return to the CMS side of the site. Donations and sub menu Donations Home will be accessible as well. 


Once logged in, what administrative options are available in the Manage Campaigns tab?

Most traditional campaign administrative options have been removed from this right including:  Ability to 'Add New Campaign', Designation, Campaign History, Saved, Scheduled and Reconciliation  Report tabs, as well as the table icons which allow an admin to  Edit, Delete, Export, Import, View Submissions and the ability to Enable/Disable a specific form.

New admin right will allow a table view of available campaigns and it's respective details (including dates, amount given to date and # of contributions and donors).  Admin will also hae the ability to drill down into a specific campaign to view the form.


What options are available for this admin on a giving form?

When the form initially loads, we will provide a message that indicates you must "Find a member to begin.".  Until a record has been selected the form will be disabled and the admin will be unable to submit the steps.  You must find an existing record to begin filling out the form and will not be able to create a new record with this right.  Both non-member and member records can be accessed by this admin in your site.   Field and manage form options have been disabled as well.



Can this admin skipped required fields on the form?

Yes, this admin can skip fields found on the form regardless of the requirement to a user. 


Will this admin be able to submit transactions on the constituent side?

While we do provide access to the campaign details via the 'View Content' button, we do not allow this admin to submit registrations on the constituent side.  To prevent this we have disabled form navigation buttons.  Appending the URL with a constituents MID will render the admin's information as the intended purpose of this right is to key in gift transactions on the administrative side.


Can this admin adjust registrations or resend confirmation emails?

No, this admin will not have access to the Campaign History or Submission pages.  Campaign and Super Admin can make these changes for previoius submissions.


Issue Resolutions


  • ENC-24720 resolves an issue where "Send an Email" in Directory was not opening an email window.


  • ENC-28296 corrects an issue where adjusted commerce drop-down items were still being displayed as selected when revisiting a form.

Email Marketing Reporting

  • ENC-16844 ensures the EM Reporting grid totals respect category filter after browsing across results pages.


  • ENC-27637 corrects an issue where confirmation emails were failing to send to members after completion of an event form.
  • ENC-28610 ensures that event registrants whose roles has been modified aren't automatically removed from role-based activities while revisiting the event registration form.
  • ENC-28062 prevents layout edit mode from capturing the green background color after admins edit the layout


  • ENC-28690 resolves issue where configuration settings on profile fields weren't being saved/applied.


  • ENC-28421 resolves an issue with reports that caused a failure during download due to columns being named "ID."
  • ENC-28383 resolves an issue where scheduled report email links weren't automatically downloading reports for event reporting admins.
  • ENC-28387 corrects an issue where Event Reporting Admins were unable to run saved Optimized Event Reports.

Transaction Emails

  • ENC-17939 ensures that form steps that weren't completed or displayed to users aren't included in the confirmation email.
CMS - News, Events, Campaign Modules
  • ENC-13059 Enabling cms filters for these modules will no longer break in mobile.  We have removed tables and added a setting for the listing tht controls the wrapping HTML to make them mobile friendly.