Bypass Member Merge Checks

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Currently, Encompass prevents administrators from merging non-member records into constituent records if both are registered for the same event.  To help enforce this rule, multiple merges of non-members into a constituent cannot be queued using a single Non-Member Merge File.  This is to prevent merging of two non-member records that are registered for the same event.

A new site setting called "Bypass Member Merge Checks" allows the following:

  • Multiple queued merges for the same constituent. (Constituent A can have Non-Member A and Non-Member B merged on the same day)
  • Complete event registration records to be merged into another record with a complete event registration for the same event. 
  • Incomplete event submission records to be merged into their respective constituent/non-member record. 

Can two constituent records be merged using this site setting?

No, merging two constituent records will still fail during the merge process, this will only merge multiple non-member records into a single constituent record.


For Clients Who

  • are familiar with the data on their site
  • understand the risks of being able to merge complete event registrations into each other
  • aware that completed merges cannot be undone or unmerged
  • have experience with Identity Checkpoint and merging records


How can I take advantage of this functionality?
Application Support can configure your site to follow the rule changes described above.