Release Notes - May 15, 2017

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Product Functionality

Class Notes UI Update

Revamped design to support mobile ready templates, update of user interface and improved integration with Profile Page system.  One functional change is that the default / home view of Class Notes now displays a reverse chronological listing of Class Notes, instead of first requiring users to conduct a search.

Events Data Entry Admin

New admin role created for purpose of operating within Events system but only interacting with data entry tasks. Admin is able to interact with event module functionality but will not have overall event admin access.

Where do I assign the administrative option for this?

You will access the Gold Key --> Administrators and assign the right same as you would for any Community admins.  You will have to same community options you may assign as well.  may1.png

What menu options are available in the nav for this administrative right?

The admin will be able to view and access widgets on the dashboard. Content will be available so the admin can return to the CMS side of the site. Events and sub menu Events Home will be accessible as well. may2.png

Once logged in, what administrative options are available in the Manage Events tab?

Most traditional event administrative options have been removed from this right including:  Ability to 'Create New Event', Event History and Reports tabs, and the gear icon which contains options to Edit, View the Attendees List, Review Commerce Fees or Reports, Adjustments, Deactivate and Delete Event.

New admin right can access the search filter to look for a specific event or clink a link to an event found in the grid.  

What options are available for this admin on the registration form?

When the form initially loads, we will provide a message that indicates you must "Find a member to begin.".  Until a record has been selected the form will be disabled and the admin will be unable to submit the steps.  You must find an existing record to begin registration for the event and will not be able to create a new record with this right.  Guest records will be new non-member records; however, the main registrant must be tied to an existing record in your site.   Field and manage form options have been disabled as well.may3.png


Can this admin skip required fields on the form?

Yes, this admin can skip fields found on the registration form regardless of their requirement to a user. 

Will this admin be able to submit registrations on the constituent side?

While we do provide access to the event details and registration options via the 'View Content' button, we do not allow this admin to submit registrations on the constituent side.  To prevent this we have disabled form navigation buttons.  Appending the URL with a MID will render the admins information as the intended purpose of this right is to key in registrations on the administrative side.

Can Data Entry Admin register for all event types?

Yes, this admin can RSVP registrant and guest(s) respectively as well as key in credit card information on the billing step.

Can this admin adjust registrations or resend confirmation emails?

No, this admin will not have access to the Event History or Submission pages.  Event and Super Admin can make these changes for registrants.

Cross Email Metrics: Beta Email Marketing Reporting

For clients who want to understand email performance across messages over a given time range or for a specific category.

How is this an improvement?

  • This ability does not exist anywhere in Encompass

  • To do this currently clients are exporting multiple files from legacy reporting and using a tool like Excel to aggregate metrics across emails

  • A fly out nag allows users to easily transition between available reports.


What is the default date range?

Last 30 days (including today)

How many email subscription categories can I filter by at one time?


What happens if I change the name of an email category?

For reporting purposes, an email will stay with the name of the category it had at the time of send.

Why median not average (mean)?

Both median and mean are measures of central tendency. Median is a better choice because open and click rate data is likely to have outlier values from emails that went to significantly different list sizes.

Import Non-Member Merge File - Bypass Member Merge Checks

A site settings that allows admins to queue multiple non-member records to be merged into a single constituent record using a single Non-Member Merge File.

Click here for more details on this site setting.

Issue Resolutions


  • ENC-27594 corrects an issue where billing information updates for recurring membership transactions were not saving properly. 
  • ENC-27831 restores the passing of ##GroupName## in the comment2 field for Paypal processed transactions.
  • ENC-28287 ensures clients using P2PE with Cybersource can successfully update billing information for recurring payments

Email Marketing

  • ENC-27834 restores admin access to recurring email schedule for reused emails.
  • ENC-28402 When an email scheduled for specific dates is returned to draft state and re-released (without a change to the schedule), only future dates will be considered for deployment scheduling.  If all selected dates are in the past, the email will move immediately to history.


  • ENC-25511 resolved a variety of scenarios where editing an existing registration would cause a WSOD.


  • ENC-21760 prevents a designation id string from rendering designations for a GID other than the GID where the form is hosted.


  • ENC-28470 prevents users from viewing hidden members' profile by adjusting the url query string.
  • ENC-22723 ensures that when a sub-community is accessed via a profile link that the correct domain for the GID is visible in the URL bar.


  • ENC-21512 resolved field name conflicts that caused scheduled exports to fail. Commerce Form ID, Event ID, Campaign ID, Membership Campaign ID are no longer acceptable names for Commerce Identifier fields.


  • ENC-28303 resolves a javascript exception some users encountered while zooming in with browser controls while viewing the sitemap.

Transaction Emails

  • ENC-28197 fixes issue with member and admin confirmation emails not rendering properly in Outlook.