Encompass Release Notes: January 30, 2023

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Please note the product releases for the environments are scheduled as follows:

U.S. = 30th January, Monday Evening | Canadian = 30th January, Monday Evening
| Australia = 31st January Tuesday Morning


Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Implemented the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) integration with Encompass keeping the earlier Universal Analytics (GA3) version functioning as usual. 

Note: Google is discontinuing the GA3 version by July 2023. We recommend transitioning from GA3 to GA4 before the stated date.

Contact Encompass support for integration assistance.


New Look to Admin Dashboard, Content Navigation Buttons, and Dropdown Lists

Enhanced the visual appeal of the Admin Dashboard:

  • Composed the entire page with the right spacing between the menus and sections. 
  • Changed the color to a darker blue in contrast with a grey background.
  • Updated rectangular menu borders to rounded borders.

Updated the style of the content page navigation buttons and readjusted the spacing in the content navigation menu lists.

Email Marketing

Delete and Restore Functionality

Added delete and restore functionality for campaign drafts. On the Drafts tab, when a draft is deleted from the Gear menu, the system moves the draft to the newly added Deleted Drafts tab. 

In the Deleted Drafts tab, the users can restore or permanently delete the drafts using the Gear menu options, Restore and Delete


The same options are also available in the More Options menu. To restore or delete multiple drafts at once, users can select the checkboxes and click Restore or Delete in the More Options menu. 

Note: The More Options menu is enabled when at least 1 draft is selected.

A draft is permanently deleted when it is deleted from the Deleted drafts tab or deleted using the More Options menu. The system displays a warning pop-up to confirm the deletion of the draft.


When the Restore option is clicked, the system displays a confirmation pop-up. Upon confirmation, the draft is moved back to the Drafts tab.


Email Marketing

Enhanced the Add Token Dropdown Menu

In Token Manager, the Add Token dropdown menu is enhanced.  This enhancement enables the users to directly access all the available profile and form field tokens from the template or HTML editor.

Note: The users can also copy the tokens going to profiles and forms. 

Each profile and form field token is displayed with the field and form name in alphabetic order. 

Note: There are two groups of tokens in the Add Token dropdown menu, the Email System Tokens, and the newly added Profile and Form Field Tokens.





Functional Area



Email Marketing NA

When a draft was deleted using the Gear menu (soft delete) option in the Drafts tab, the users were unable to delete the associated sender. This was because the associated draft was not permanently removed from the system, and the users could not find the associated draft as the draft was deleted from the tab.

Now, the system has the Deleted Drafts tab where the soft deleted drafts are stored. The users can find the associated draft in the Deleted Draft tab, delete the associated draft, and then delete the sender from the Sender Identities page. 

Giving NA

On the Giving page, the system was displaying the sum of all the donations by a member instead of the latest donation amount made by the member. This was due to the Donor Roll data being captured based on the member ID and not based on the transactions.
The system is updated to capture the donor roll data based on the transactions. Now on the Giving page, the default displayed amount is a member's latest transaction (donation).
Users can view the amount of each donation, filter the amount by the designations, and export the donor roll data.

Giving NA

In compliance with the previously announced Mastercard standards for recurring payments notification, we have made the following changes:

  • The member records that did not contain billing email IDs were updated with the primary email IDs of the members.
  • Disabled the option for the users to select the email notification dates and set the system to send the notification emails 7 days before the scheduled auto-renewal by default.
Giving 197723

On the Manage Account page, the Resend Confirmation Email button used by the admins for triggering a confirmation email on request from the donors (members or registered guests) was not working. 

Now, the admins can resend the confirmation email on request.

Note: The donors receive the confirmation email upon completing a donation by default.

Giving 218783

On the Membership form in the scheduled payments settings, the number of days for the reminder and notification email address fields were not displayed.

Updated the system to display the fields:


Giving 221998

The option Upcoming Auto-renewal charge reminder email should only appear in the Membership forms but was appearing on the donation forms as well.

Removed the option from the Donation forms and confirmed that the option is available in the Membership forms.

Giving NA

When configuring the settings using the Update from Template option in the Donor Roll, Leaderboard, and Affiliation modules, selecting a template from the Template dropdown is required. The validation for this selection was not taking place, and the users were able to go to the next page without selecting a template.

Now, when a template is not selected, the message ‘select a template’ is displayed and users cannot go to the next page without selecting a template.


Giving 222297

An error occurred updating credit card information when the form was set to Stripe using the API gateway option having earlier settings mapped with auth.net. The recurring gateway settings were getting mapped back to auth.net.

Now, Admins can update the payment information for the payment gateway as per the current settings.

Giving 211472

The donor roll data was not displayed when the custom data point filter was applied.

The system was set to filter the data by form or campaign IDs (module IDs). Updated the system to filter the data by member IDs.

Now, the donor roll data display according to the applied custom data point filter.

Giving 223633

On the Designation report, the designation percentages were incorrectly displayed as either 0% or 100%. The reflected amounts were correct.

Now, the percentages display accurately corresponding to the amount.


Giving 210512

The pdf receipts for the transaction made through Touchnet t-link showed $0.00 for any amount transacted.

Note: The confirmation e-mail and transaction summary on the Encompass page showed the amount correctly.

Now, the exact amount of the transaction made through the Touchnet t-link is reflected on the pdf receipts.

Giving 207800

The system email footer was not present in the confirmation emails of the subsequent, perpetual, or scheduled transactions.

Now, the email footer is present for all the transactions.

Giving 159776

When hovered over the Scoreboard World map, the gifts that originated from the United Arab Emirates were not populated. 

Giving 217418

The token [ReceiptURL] was not getting linked to the PDF receipt on CA sites. 


When designation filters were applied to GTE (Giving Transaction Export) On-Demand or scheduled reports, the filters were not retained after the initial run. 

Corrected the issue to ensure that the filters remain as set until the new changes to the filters are applied. 

Foundation NA

Submission counts in the form home pages and reports were not accurate. Even incomplete forms were included in the total counts.  

The counts are corrected by removing incomplete non-member records. Updated the system to count only the completed forms. 


In compliance with the StateRamp guidelines ensured that the password field is not displayed. Even during the member data import, the password field is made unavailable.




Updated the system to incorporate WCAG elements according to ARIA attributes.




Users were unable to connect to the Encompass site with Facebook credentials. When users clicked the Facebook login option, an error message occurred.

Now, users can connect using all the social login options: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo.


Note: When using the Login with Another Account options the first time, link the preferred social media account to Encompass:

  1. Click the preferred social media account icon under the login with another account.
    • Login page of the social media account opens.
  2. Enter the social media account’s ID and password and click Sign In.
    • A message soliciting your agreement to use the account for Encompass login is displayed. When agreed, the Encompass login page opens.
  3. Enter your Encompass username and password.
    • The preferred social media account links with Encompass login.
Foundation 203550

Users were unable to navigate through the content archive after the 1st page. When the > button was clicked WSOD occurred.

Foundation 216702

Amount field was removed from an Event form.

Added the amount field. To prevent the commerce fields from being deleted, disabled the option to delete the field. Added the following message:

'You cannot edit or remove the commerce field of a giving form.'

Events NA

When guests filled out an event form with a primary registrant and selected the resend confirmation email option, the confirmation emails were sent only to guests.

Now, the confirmation email is sent to the guests and primary registrant.